Why Regular Curtain Cleaning Makes Sense

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One of the most difficult areas to clean in your home or commercial space is the curtains, drapes and rugs. As they are likely to accumulate a lot of dust, they can be a source of health problems for people with dust allergies and asthmatic conditions. Curtain cleaning on a regular basis not only keeps your upholstery looking bright and shiny, it also prevents the allergic reaction to dust and pollen that may collect on the fabric.

People who have young children in the house or pets are more likely to need more frequent curtain cleaning. Dogs and cats spray urine on curtains making ugly stains that are difficult to remove and smell bad. If the wash care instructions on your curtains say they can be home washed, you can attempt to do so. It is always advisable to do a home wash test just in case. Select a hidden corner of your curtains and soak the end for a little bit in a bowl of warm mild detergent. If it does not bleed and show deterioration, you can wash the curtains at home. Lining on draperies are often not colour fast and bleed when soaked. If the curtains are colour fast and do not suffer shrinkage, you can try washing at home in a washing machine or bathtub with mild detergent. Before you put them in the machine or tub, remove all hooks and pins.

If the curtains are voluminous or made with natural fabrics like silk, linen etc. do not attempt to do the curtain cleaning yourself. Your curtains might shrink and get ruined. Velvet curtains are very bulky and not to be home washed. You need professional dry cleaners with large capacity cleaning machines to clean your draperies. Professional cleaners will remove all stains and mould from the draperies. Professionals are equipped to keep your colours bright and whites whiter. Clean upholstery brightens up the room. Keep one set of draperies for summer and heavier drapes for winter use. By changing draperies and cushions etc, you can achieve a fresh look for your home with the changing seasons.

With regular maintenance, like weekly vacuuming with the brush or upholstery attachment, you can keep your curtains and drapes dust free. However, every few months you can consider having professionals do your curtain cleaning to extend the life and sheen of your fabric. At the end of the day you end up saving money by professional curtain cleaning. Middlesex residents can find professional dry cleaners to attend their rug and curtain cleaning requirements.

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Why Regular Curtain Cleaning Makes Sense

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Why Regular Curtain Cleaning Makes Sense

This article was published on 2012/03/01