What to look for when buying ready made curtains

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Ready made curtains are available off the shelf, come in a variety of colours and designs, and are very convenient to buy. Bespoke curtains can take weeks (sometimes even months) to make and the wait can kill all the fun and enthusiasm of doing up your home. Ready made curtains are also much more affordable and here is what you must look for when buying these:

 1). You must get the measurements right. People often measure the window while working out curtain measurements. That's wrong. You must measure the pole to determine your curtains measurements. Choose a pole that will extend 15 centimetres on either side of the window so that the curtains can be comfortably pulled back. Curtain poles are visible when the curtains are open or closed. If you don't want the hanging apparatus to be visible, use a rail. If you're using a pole, measure length from the bottom of the curtain's ring because you want the pole to be visible. If you're using rail, measure from the track's starting point.

 2). What curtain length are you looking for? Do you want your ready made curtains to be up to the window sill or do you want them to be up to the floor? Floor lengths look more elegant. If you choose a shorter length, ensure you buy curtains that finish 2 inches below the window sill.

 3). Choose your heading and pleating style:

a). Pencil pleats is the regular variety. The pleats are bunched together at the top of the curtain and at regular intervals to give a uniform look to the curtain.

b). Triple pleats -- in this variety, the pleats are gathered more tightly than pencil pleats to give a fuller look to curtains.

c). Eyelets are simple and these are hung from a pole.

d). Tab top headings look like tabs and the pole is visible between each tab. Eyelets and tabs make for a casual, contemporary look.

e). There are other elaborate styles available and these can be viewed on reputed websites that sell readymade curtains.

 4). Choose a fabric and colour depending on the other upholstered furniture and your wall colours.

 5). Consider buying optional extras like linings and tie-backs if you need them. Buy these at the time of buying your ready made curtains.

 6). Finally, buy readymade curtains from an online store. These stores stock both reputed and lesser-know brands, all high-quality though, and sell these at very affordable rates. Online stores enjoy a clutch of cost advantages as compared to physical stores and that is why they can afford to price readymade curtains and other furnishings at cheap rates.

A curtain can make or break a room. It can allow the sunlight to stream in and give an illusion of space. Choose your ready made curtains wisely and ensure that they will make your room seem bigger or cosy, depending on what you are looking for. Make your readymade curtains blend with your room and enjoy living in your room with a view.

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What to look for when buying ready made curtains

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This article was published on 2011/08/30