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Curtains and blinds were commonly used for just blocking the sunlight from entering a room and also provide privacy from our neighbors but nowadays, there are many different types of curtains that have many different functions and purposes in our houses and also offices. Curtains can be used to cover the windows in a room as well as enhance the the look of the room. They are used by interior decorators to beautify a room and also enhance its look so as to make the room attractive and presentable. There are many types of curtains meant for different types of windows. It is not advisable to use just any type of curtain on a window whether home or at the office. You should use a suitable curtain for your window so that the room looks presentable and the window neat. Many people have started paying some attention to the curtains they use in their homes and even offices and this is a good thing because it show that people are starting to accept change.

Before one decides to choose the type of curtains that he/she wants to hang up on t house or office window, the person should first get to see the many types of curtains that are available on the market so as to make a good choice in selecting the curtains. Below are a few types of curtains you can choose from.

Voiles are very common and are characterized by their light-weight. They suit homes in tropical regions and are preferred by many because they are easy to wash and maintain.

Blinds are also a very popular option for curtains and the best thing about this type of curtains is that they are available in many styles like roller, vertical and horizontal.

There is another type made of beads and are very good in that they do not need maintenance of any kind and are very long lasting.
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Types Of Curtains

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This article was published on 2011/02/06