The Beauty of Net Curtains

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Net curtains are made of screen-like or mesh material. Some are also made from lace. Net curtains are one of the many possibilities that could be considered in decorating your home. They offer numerous versatile styles from their different colors and make.

Designers often choose net curtains for home owners who want a warm feeling to their homes. They complement warm furniture and glass windows. The main feature that attracts ordinary people and interior designers to net curtains is their ability to allow a lot of light into a room. They also bring a little sophistication to a room because of the intricate designs the curtains have. This often creates an old world charm that reminds people of old England, dolls and lace. Obviously, they has a feminine touch and would be best for nurseries or girls' rooms.

One problem with this type of window treatment is that they reveal too much. Too much light would allow the room to warm up more which is wonderful in winter but may get a little too warm in summer. It would also make the inside of your house more vulnerable to prying eyes. At the same time, the openings of net curtains may easily give away what's inside the house. With a little bit of effort neighbors may be able see what you are doing inside - if you are cooking or just lazing away in front of the television. This might make you susceptible to unwelcome visits from the neighborhood burglar.

The best remedy to this is to buy a thick volume of net curtains. Buy a width that is at least three times or four times longer than the window itself. It would keep your curtains thick and full. This would ensure that no one would be seeing the inside of your house. And since such curtains are made of net, it would not hamper the entry of light and air into your house. It would probably just lessen the amount of light, but otherwise, it is perfect for both privacy and comfort. If you feel that a room is getting a little to warm and needs more air to circulate, then you can easily draw back the net curtains or push the excessive net to the side and retain a thin and stretched out curtain in the middle. And since these are cheaper and low-maintenance, you don't have to bother about them too much.

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Given that I am an avid fan of home renovation, I love to write about features that can really renew a house without breaking the bank. Window treatments like net curtains and bamboo blinds are a wonderful way of achieving this outcome.

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The Beauty of Net Curtains

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This article was published on 2010/03/26