Remodel a Shower With New Curtain Rings and Curtain Rod

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One way to update or remodel a shower is to upgrade the type of curtain ring and curtain rod. With new hardware and a new curtain the chore is simple to complete and yet adds a new look to the bathroom.

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Most homeowners like to take on simple projects that can be completed in a short amount of time and yield great results. If you are replacing an older curtain rod with a newer one then you should use a tape measure to determine the distance from wall to wall at the proper height where you will be installing the new curtain rod. It is easy to find multiple outlets that have a wide assortment of different sizes from which to choose.

Most rods come packaged with some type of bracket that allows you to hang the rod properly. A level with a laser sight will be very handy for this project. In addition most rods either have a spring inside to allow the rod to extend to different lengths or they have a telescoping feature that allows the user to tighten the rod to the proper length. Use the included instructions to adjust the length and install your new curtain rod.

As a side note, before installing the new rod look over your new style of curtain ring. Some styles will open and some do not. For the kind that does not open make sure to place them on the rod before installation.

What if you don't have a Laser Level?
There is another way to install the curtain rod properly without the use of a laser level. You can find a very cheap level at most any hardware store that will be useful for this method.

First, determine where you want the rod to hand and mark the height on one wall with a pencil. Measure from the floor to your pencil mark and take note of the measurement. Then repeat the process on the opposite wall using the measurement from the first wall. It is also a good idea to make sure the rod ends are positioned the same distance from the shower. You can measure from the shower to your pencil marks to make sure they are equal on both sides.

Once you have the pencil marks in the correct places hold the curtain rod up so that the ends touch the pencil marks. Place the level above the rod and see if the bubble lines up in the middle. If so, then you have good marks to use for installing the brackets to hold the curtain rod.

As a side note, many manufacturers offer their curtain rod and curtain ring with decorative finishes. This can also add a different look and feel to a bathroom without having to spend a lot of money on a different accessory.

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Remodel a Shower With New Curtain Rings and Curtain Rod

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This article was published on 2011/08/24