My Fondness of Net Curtains and Patio Cushions

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Net curtains are one of those forms of window feature that remind me of bygone days. Although they are prominent now and definitely have their uses, they do remind me of trips to my auntie's house where we would play hide and seek. At that age we never quite realized that hiding behind net curtains wasn't such a great idea if you didn't want to be caught. For some reason we just kept thinking the other person was really good at the game of hide and seek. But then I suppose you can't expect too much more from six year olds. Six year olds still aren't quite aware of the fact that while they can't easily see someone else through net curtains, the play of light from behind the window makes it easy for others to see their silhouette. A six year old still has a lot to learn when it comes to that.

The best part was when we would create a cubby house behind the curtains with a door at the side where the big heavy curtains were hung. No one was allowed in or out but us unless they said the codeword. We weren't allowed to furnish our cubby house with cushions from inside the house but we were allowed to use the patio cushions that were out on the patio bench. So we would gather all the patio cushions we could find, bring them back and stack them haphazardly behind the net curtains. The patio cushions made excellent lounges when you took the trouble to place them just so. We would sit there and pretend that we were rich in our own house with lots of movies and candy just waiting for us when we left.

After a while we would get bored and that's when the real fun would start. Patio cushions make great cannon balls and suddenly, in our imaginations we had become opponents in some age-old civil war from a distant country. We would let fly with patio cushions and our net curtains would become shields and barriers. Needless to say, it wasn't long before we would get tangled in the net curtains and they would come crashing down. Then aunty would come in laughing. I still to this day do not understand why she did not rouse on us, but clearly she was having as much fun as us just by watching. Who would have thought net curtains and patio cushions could bring back such fond memories.

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It's interesting how memories like that come back to you. I now use these items, i.e. net curtains and patio cushions all the time when I renovate a house. Maybe it's because of the fond memories they bring that I now use them in my own house and those I renovate. I hope you've enjoyed this trip down memory lane with me and just maybe it has jogged a few fond memories of your own.

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My Fondness of Net Curtains and Patio Cushions

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This article was published on 2010/03/29