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What exactly are thermal curtains? They are simply to keep your room warm in winter and cool in summer.

All right keep your hair on, here's a real world example just for you.


Imagine trying to get the kids to sleep on a hot summers evening. The sun has been blazing all day on the south facing bedroom window. The kids complaining it's to hot to sleep, sound familiar?


What can you do about it?

Beat the kids, no, no I didn't really say that. Sorry what I meant to say is try this.


One thing you can do to help is to hang a pair of thermal curtains in the kids room. You need to keep the curtains closed most of the day, with the window open a little for ventilation.


So how does that help?

That has the effect of keeping the temperature in the bedroom down just a few degrees during the day. So when you put the kids to bed it is a little more comfortable for sleeping.


So What makes these curtains different from ordinary curtains?

No.1 Ready made. Unfortunately you don't get the biggest choice in colors and design. But you will get a curtain with a special rubberized backing that has the effect of blocking the heat from your window.


No.2 Made to measure. If the color and design is important to you the get your curtains specially made and ask for a thermal lining to be added. It will cost you more, but you end up with exactly the right size, color and design.


Be aware!


This won't make a seriously hot room cold. It just lowers the temperature a few degrees to make it a bit more comfortable.


So what about winter

Well no surprise this curtain works in reverse, keeping the heat from the room in.


No need to close them during the day. Let what little sunshine there is in during the day with the window shut mostly. Then in the evening shut the curtains as normal. The rubberized backing will keep more heat in the room compared to ordinary curtains.


I hope this article gives you a few ideas for your own home. Looking for more window treatment ideas then pay me a visit.


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Information About Thermal Curtains

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This article was published on 2010/05/05