How To Choose Curtains For Home Decorating

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When it comes to how to choose curtains for home improvement projects, there are just a few basic things to keep in mind. Whether as part of a total room remodel or done by itself, the simple act of replacing window treatments has a transformative effect on the room. Curtains are favored by decorators as one of the best ways to interject personality into a room.

The first thing to consider is the desired feel of the room. The type of furniture, accessories, and wall paint colors will already have set much of that tone. Curtains should complement the overall style of the room. One way to tie together a room’s look is by hanging curtains that match the color of the largest piece of furniture.

The function of the curtains is important to consider as well. A bedroom might need superior light blocking, while for a kitchen, filtering the light without blocking it may be preferred. The amount of privacy that is desired may impact the selection. Curtains are also used to provide insulation. Some have been specifically designed for that purpose, but any heavier fabric will have some effect.

Once the general plan has been determined, it is time to think about color, fabric weight, texture, and length. Almost anything that can be imagined is available. Curtains can be used to draw the eye with a bold pattern or strong color. They may instead be selected in a neutral color, or matching the walls, for a more subtle look. This is a good choice when another element of the room is already a focal point.

The size of the room should be taken into consideration when choosing a color or pattern. Dark colors or big patterns can make a room seem smaller, whereas lighter colors will open it up. Curtains can be used to add the appearance of size to smaller windows, by hanging them wider than the original window.

For the most formal look, a series of curtains, including heavier blackout drapes, sheer or translucent overlays, and a valence or swag, are often used. Curtains which fall to the floor are more formal in general than those which are only sill-length. Floor length curtains can just touch the floor, or be left longer and allowed to pool at the bottom.

Accurate measurements are critical. Measurements should be taken of the dimensions of the window itself, as well as the sill and the apron, if any. Then measurements should be taken for where the installation hardware – rods or brackets – will go, and the length from the rod or brackets to where the bottom of the curtain is desired to fall.

There isn’t anything too complicated about how to choose curtains for home decorating. With just a little bit of thought about what the curtains will need to do, and keeping in mind the room’s décor, selecting the right curtains can be fun and easy. With the endless number of possibilities for combining color, fabric, and style, a truly custom look can be achieved.

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How To Choose Curtains For Home Decorating

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How To Choose Curtains For Home Decorating

This article was published on 2011/12/05