Funky Unique and Cool Shower Curtains For Your Bathroom

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These people also consider shower curtains as a vital part of the bathroom decoration and design. Certainly, this bathroom accessory plays a big part in the bathroom layout. Hence, it is fairly imperative to select the best one that matches your bathroom's unique design.

In any case, shower curtains are available in two popular materials namely the vinyl and cloth. The cloth curtains typically have unusual and exciting designs, these are ideal for people who would like to have a funky unique and cool shower curtains. Likewise, the vinyl shower curtains also present attractive and vibrant designs for various styles of bathrooms.

But generally, the vinyl curtains can provide various multihued patterns, from transparent pieces down to the most offbeat patterns. One great example for this type of curtain is the Ty Pennington vinyl curtains which present a wide range of cool, unconventional designs and colors.

Pennington is the host of the popular home improvement show, the TLC's Trading Spaces. From there, he has gained lots of followers and has come a long way. As a matter of fact, he already has his own line of house wares, home decors and other home furnishings which can be bought at Sears.

Moreover, his curtain collections are both stylish and fun. He also has lines of shower curtains that come complete with accessories in order to make it simpler for the homeowners to coordinate their entire bathroom.

You can find numerous designs for these funky and cool curtains like abstract designs, famous art works, animal print, funny pictures, sea life, cartoon characters, and stripe. Furthermore, vinyl offers a different kind of transparency that looks wonderful when place next to the natural source of lighting as the bathroom window. With this, the distinction between the designs and colors become entirely noticeable.

There are many other trimmings that come along with the shower curtains and these items include hangers, hooks, curtain rods, and liners. You can buy all of these according to shapes, sizes, and colors.

For example, there are curtain rods that are curved, straight, rounded, or affixed with motif like shells and floral designs. Most of the designs are from the themes commonly used in architecture. Usually, these rods are very easy to mount and they can be adjusted or reduced in size based on the height and width of the space where they are going to be placed.

The draper hangers or hooks in the shower curtain rod are also not hard to mount in the rod. In fact, you can easily replace the hooks for a new one, if you want to. It's uncomplicated to take out and change with new hooks.

On the whole, whether you choose a vinyl or cloth for the shower curtain, you can always find the right design and styles. In addition, they are available in home improvement stores near you or you can also get them in online stores that offer complete lines of bath accessories, fixtures, furnishings, and furniture that will suit your needs. Definitely, shower curtains are one item that will transform the look of your bathroom while not having to spend a lot of money.

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Funky Unique and Cool Shower Curtains For Your Bathroom

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This article was published on 2011/03/26