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Curtain rods are a practical and functional way to add a bit of style to your home. There are literally thousands of designs both online and at home improvement stores. When choosing any rod it is important to decide what it will be supporting. Large drapery and curtains are going to be quite heavy and will need more support than smaller one's. In this case you will also need support brackets and a little know how to fix them to the intended walls.

When measuring the window frame you need to make sure the length of the curtain rod will cover the gap, and allow a couple of inches either side, so the curtain will cover this gap. Most rods are available in standard sizes to fit the most common window sizes, although the extendable kinds do away with the need for exact measurements. When fixing to the wall you need to mark the holes a couple of inches above the window frame to allow room for the brackets and support fixings. Make sure you know the length of the drapery because you do not want the bottom to touch the floor. This may mean you have to mount the brackets a little further up, or perhaps take off some of the curtain length. This is why it pays to measure everything before you start.

The brackets should be screwed into position by following the instructions, be sure to get them the correct way up. This has happened to me before, and is easily done if your not paying enough attention. Once you have the necessary fixings in place you need to place the rings on the rod and slide them into position. Be sure to have a few rings in place outside the bracket, otherwise the curtain will not slide to the end, and you will be left with a gap.

Now simply attach the rings to your curtain using the hooks or clips. The next thing to do is put the finials in place. The finials are the end stops that prevent the curtain from falling off the ends of the rod. These can be screwed into place in most cases. Some of the custom designs may need to be put in place with a screwdriver, but either way it is a simple process to follow. They need to be easy to replace because you will need to clean and wash the curtains at some point. Following these simple rules will help you fit any curtain rod in quick time, and create a bit of style to any room.

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Fitting Curtain Rods

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This article was published on 2010/03/26