Eyelet curtains Adding elegance to your rooms

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When you visit your friends' homes for the first time the first thing you would notice would be how the house is decorated and how the interiors are on the whole. And one thing that strikes your attention would be the curtains used and their design or colour. That's right. Curtains today make a statement to the world about the decorator and his or her tastes. Eyelet curtains belong to the modern trend and are a far cry from the traditional curtains in terms of appearance, quality as well as service.

Eyelet curtains get their name from metal eyelet rings that are attached to the top. These rings are often silver or brass and are threaded through a rod. These rods are attached to the walls on both sides and the curtains hang comfortably from the rod. Unlike the traditional curtains where the rod is sent across the curtain materials, here it is sent through the rings thus keeping the curtains themselves intact and neat. It also creates flairs on the curtains that make them even more beautiful.

Eyelet curtains have spread to almost all parts of the world because of their elegant looks and their ease of use. As the rings and the rod supports the curtains from hanging down, they always look steady and fresh. And because of the support of the rings you can make them with any materials. Even putting them up or removing them is easier as the rod simply has to be taken out from the rings. There is no risk of the rod getting stuck in the middle and tearing the curtain cloth. 

This ease in applying and removing curtains help you in unleashing your creativity and experimenting with different types of materials that match the mood and season. While light weight and simple materials are ideal for summer, heavy materials can be used for winters. With so many flairs even if you use a light material they would efficiently protect your privacy and prevent the sunlight from entering your rooms.

Finding materials for eyelet curtains is extremely easy today with thousands of designs and colour combinations available in the market. Whichever colour and theme your interiors have you can find the matching curtains. Also, there are so many online stores today that also provide curtain materials of various designs and patterns, some taking the traditional path whereas others come in a modern way.  In other words, you can easily add beauty and elegance to your rooms with eyelet curtains.

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Eyelet curtains Adding elegance to your rooms

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This article was published on 2011/08/17