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Five reasons curtains and blinds can make your house warmer and more elegant

Curtains and blinds are designed to look elegant, and work well in almost any environment. Whether your window is tiny, or large, you can find a gorgeous design and type of shutter, blind, or curtain that fits your need.

" Curtains come in a range of styles and designs, colours, textures - in fact if it's a material, you can make a curtain out of it. There are various types of curtains from tabbed top, to spaghetti (the ones that usually stand in doorways, with beads, or straight pieces of rope, string, or thread, or even metal chains) to slide and glide (special curtain rails). The first thing you need to look at is the size if your window, and whether you can fit a rail above, or inside - bearing in mind that fitting a curtain rail inside a window will leave a gap at the top and will have to be cut exactly to the windowsill before, it's better to fit the curtain rail above the window wherever possible.

Once you've decided that you can choose your curtain type and design - you'll need curtains with pencil pleats for certain looks, and tabbed curtains or curtain loops to hang your curtains from.

" Blinds are an elegant solution to the problem of light leakage - blackout blinds do exactly that - and block out the light - they are ideal for children's rooms as they make sure the room is dark enough for them to sleep. Another great reason for blackout blinds is if you work nightshift. Other blind types can create a different look, such as roman blinds, which are commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens. They can be decorated to look several different kinds of ways, from unmoving, ribboned types, to functional ones that are decorated to function properly. The one drawback with blinds is that they can be hard to wash, or clean, so in high traffic regions, they can get dirty very quickly.

It's also important to make sure that all of your blind mechanisms, especially the pulleys and ropes, are made safe to work. It's important to keep the pulleys out of the reach of children as well, as it's possible for them to get caught up and perhaps hurt themselves otherwise.

" Or how about a combination? Paring a set of curtains with an elegant blind can create a gorgeous, functional look and feel that can't be matched by simple blinds or curtains alone. A good designer or team can support you in your choices and can give ideas and support from measurement to installation. Start to finish, can support you in your quest for shutters, curtains and blinds.
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This article was published on 2010/09/25