Curtain Selection for Your House

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For interior decoration, curtains play the role for protection of privacy, the use of light, decoration of walls, noise-isolation. According to the severity of its effects, there are many different programs in the choice of curtains. In short, the choice of curtains is a critical project. Whether the owners, or interior designer should be highly valued.

A. The function

1. Protection of privacy

For a family, nobody likes their every move within the view of others. From this point, the different interior regions, the degree of concern for privacy has different standards. Family members of the public activities of such living room area, the request for privacy on the lower, most of the family living room are the curtains during the day, so many in the decorated state. For bedrooms, bathrooms and other areas, it requires not only the outside can not see, and requires even in sight. This presented a different problem areas choose a different curtains. We may choose the living room side and transparent fabrics, the bedroom are thicker quality fabrics.

2. Use of the light

The use of the light mentioned here, refers to the protection of privacy case, the effective use of light. For example, a two-story living room, we do not like to walk around outside the room who saw every move, but long-term impact of pulling the thick curtains and natural light, so similar to a class of thin ply gauze to came into being.

3. Decoration of wall

Curtains for many ordinary families, is the biggest wall decoration. Especially for some of the "four white ground," the simple decoration of the family, in addition to the pieces of the frame, may be something on the wall for the rest of the shade. Therefore, color and style often play an important role. Similarly, for the hardcover house, a suitable curtain will make home more beautiful.

4. Noise-isolation

We know, from the mode of transmission of sound, the treble is transmitted by straight line, and window glass has strong reflection for the treble. Therefore, the proper thickness of the curtain, can improve the indoor sound effects. Similarly, the thick curtains also help absorb some noise from the outside to improve the indoor sound environment.

B. Your request

1. Design 
We know there are many types of curtains. And the style has a close relationship with interior design style. Therefore, the choice of curtains should meet decorative needs first. That is, all factors curtain should match with the style of the room. At this point, you need more advice from your interior designers, in order to avoid an imbalance.

2. Functional needs 
you need to choose the thickness of the curtain depending on the functional requirements. In general, there are two ways for the bedroom: 
(1) Using a thicker fabric. 
(2) Using a thick cloth with inside layer.

C. Color selection based on design patterns 

Color selection for the design style has a great impact. 
1.The curtain's main colors should be compatible with the main colors indoors. Complementary colors are allowed. 
2. Modern design style, choose plain curtains; elegant design style, choose light-patterned curtains; garden design style, choose a small pattern of the curtains; and luxurious design style, you can use plain or large flower curtains.
3. If you select the striped curtains, its direction should be compatible with the interior style.



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Curtain Selection for Your House

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This article was published on 2010/11/04