Class it Up With Elegant Shower Curtains

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Though perhaps not the most practical item in the bathroom, the shower curtain may certainly be the focal point of this necessary household space. If you don't happen to enjoy the convenience of a sliding glass shower door, you will find the need for a shower curtain to cover that tub. Traditionally, home-owners will first install a plastic curtain to keep the water in and then layer that with something more eye-appealing. However, even in the attempt to find something more decorative to cover the bland white curtain, often people will settle for something equally as bland on the outside.

Elegant curtains obviously do not fit every situation. A child's bathroom may call for a solid colored one or something that has fish or rubber duckies. However, the master bath or a bath off a guest suite may be the perfect place to enlist an elegant shower curtain which will be both stunning and eye-appealing while serving a practical need.

The wide variety of elegant and beautiful shower curtains may surprise those who are accustomed to sticking with the usual department store options. (These being drab colors, strange flower or splatter paint type designs, and other things that don't make a stand-out pop in the bathroom.) However, with a diligent search, customers will find that there seem to be as many options for stunning shower curtains as there are for traditional household draperies! You can be quite beautiful in decorating this often-neglected room.

The shower curtain, as mentioned before, is probably the greatest focal point in the bathroom if only for the reason that it is the largest piece. It can tie everything together, creating the color scheme and the entire mood of the room. With the possibilities for elegant shower curtains, it is possible to create something akin to a spa or luxury hotel right in your own home!

Consider a bathroom that holds a dark, luxurious brown curtain, tied back with an elegant rope on the edge of your bathtub. Or perhaps you may prefer the more solid black and white look, enlisting a soft, white fabric curtain detailed with black embroidery. Would these not be bathroom spaces that would be most definitely practical but also beautiful and relaxing? Go on to include valances, lace backdrops, and beautiful tiebacks, and you may find that dressing your bathtub will be as much fun as dressing the windows in your living room!

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Class it Up With Elegant Shower Curtains

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This article was published on 2010/04/02