5 Top Tips For Choosing the Perfect Curtains

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It's time to take down your old, tattered curtains, but you're not quite sure what to replace them with. Just don't be in a hurry to hang up any reasonable substitute. Ask top interior designers in Seattle, New York, Chicago, or LA - they'd all tell you the same thing: how you dress your windows can have a dramatic effect on how your room looks and feels. While you peruse and consider your choices, from sheer curtains to bamboo blinds, keep these top insider tips in mind:

1. Decisions, decisions... Curtains aren't just additional decor, they are functional too. When choosing yours, ask yourself these important questions: Are they needed for privacy? Do I want them to help keep in heat, prevent drafts, or allow the room to stay cool? How much light should they let in or block? If your curtains are for a bedroom, you might choose a heavy material which won't allow a single ray to spoil your sleep. Alternatively, you might like sheer fabrics for those rooms where you want to let in as much light as possible, for example, a kitchen area or attic window. Blinds are great for windows where you need a variety of functions: pull them up for an unobstructed window, open them for a partial view, or close them fully to keep outside eyes away.

2. Exaggerate it! If you want to draw attention to your windows, order more fabric and hang your curtain pole 15-30 cms above their frames. This makes your windows look much larger than they really are. Allow your drapes to hang to the floor past the bottom of the window frames to add even more height to the illusion!

3. Bring in the sunshine If you'd like your windows to let in as much light as possible during the day, opt for curtains and add 30-45 cms more length on each end of your rod. This means you can pull the curtains aside without obstructing any part of the pane. It also helps narrow windows appear wider.

4. To line or not to line? As well as the design, you'll need to decide if your curtains should have a lining or not. A lining protects the curtain from dirt on the window and sunlight which may fade the fabric. It helps keep more light out and can actually provide extra insulation - which might in turn reduce your electric bills! On the other hand, unlined curtains are easier to wash, lighter to handle, and better for rooms you wish to keep cool. They are practical in areas such as the kitchen or bathroom where added steam and moisture necessitates regular washing.

5. Mix and match Scared your sheer curtain will turn transparent when houselights are on? Just add a heavier drape to draw at night. Feel like your blinds aren't homely enough? Why not add a curtain pelmet to your window frame? If you can't decide on one good option, you can always combine!

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5 Top Tips For Choosing the Perfect Curtains

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This article was published on 2010/03/27